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These sections derive from an old website that documented my undergraduate artistic development.
Archived here for memorialization.

2013 Undergraduate

2012 Undergraduate

2012 Undergraduate | Gatormaiden (2012)

Gatormaiden was created in the Fall of 2012 at the University of South Florida, Tampa during a beginning ceramics class. When I took this class it was my first time to touch clay and I was mesmerized by its tactile qualities and its fragility, while exhibiting such great strength in form. After the first two smaller projects, I became engrossed in this third project. Gatormaiden is an artist contrived mythical beast from the swamps and brackish waters of Florida’s nature coast where Mermaids, alligators, and manatee are frequently seen around Weeki Wachee. In order to encompass the spirit of Florida, a variety of the state’s wildlife were considered for her form. The torso borrows from the mermaids of Weeki Wachee with her arms transforming into tentacles while her torso morphs into an alligator with the spinal column making three transitions during this shift. The sculpture's surface portrays the skin as porous, scaly, and slippery along her frontal area.

Gatormaiden was awarded entry into the University of South Florida's 37th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition in the spring of 2013. The work was one of fifty selected from several hundred works.

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2011 Undergraduate

While I never completed college, the economic recession initiated numerous life changes that made a return possible. In the fall of 2011 I took up drawing and these studies are from the initial year as I worked to be accepted into USF’s art program.