Marc Bridger
Visual Artist

Teaching Children


2020 | Teaching | Vindell & Lucas Studio Sessions

Teaching Children

My sons, Vindell Ray and Lucas Marc, are age 10 and 7 respectively. With the pandemic, our studio sessions have been more frequent. This page highlights some recent accomplishments by the boys as I teach them to draw. While I rely on numerous resources to aid in my teaching, our current emphasis is on the methods explicated in Brian Curtis' excellent book: "Drawing from Observation." This college-level text includes sections on the conceptual drawings of birdhouses and biomorphic forms. These require the student to master circles in perspective and employ rules for constructing armatures using basic geometric forms. While challenging for boys this age, they have adapted well through the rigor of repetition. In addition, I have merged this learning path with their studies in 3D modeling. In one project shown in the expanded gallery, the boys prototyped birdhouses from imagination by constructing them in Blender. Afterwards, their resultant 3D models assist in executing a conceptual birdhouse drawing.

However, because the boys can construct their birdhouses and biomorphic forms using the conceptual methods taught in the studio, Blender takes on a unique role in their process. Rather than using the 3D model as an observational reference, the software acts as a light simulator—illuminating their idea to assist them in executing the chiaroscuro phase of the conceptual drawing. Thus, their digital and physical interests collide—fusing into a vacillating learning experience that wields the expressive potential of our emergent metaverse.

The boys have become adept at employing the intuitive gesture, while also relying on various other traditional methods used in drawing from observation. This first gallery includes a selection from the larger gallery and were taken over the past six months during the COVID-19 pandemic.