Externalities of the Metaverse Gaze

Short Description

July 2020

A new form of hyperreality entangles our senses and manifests as the metaverse—our collective physical and digital spheres converging with virtual and augmented realms. A domain of devices where precarious environmental, social, and political conditions subjugate humanity through a commodity driven existence. Probing this verse through scatter and fracture, my work wields its anterior language—history’s most prolific form of propagandistic artifice. The bewildering aporias that arise in knowledge, reality, and understanding along with the recursive mimicry within digital spheres contributes to an aura of dissonance explored in my paintings.

My constructs of alterity assemble a fragmentary portrait of our metaverse gaze where verse convergence has morphed our existence into a Mobius strip—a confluence of inseparable, borderless realities with doppelgangers and ersatz forms invited inward via the device. A device hybridizing art’s discourse into an emergent and transcendent amalgam that devours its own exhibition.